On a mission to secure Central Appalachia’s place in a 21st century energy future

Revolt Energy is a West Virginia-based residential, commercial, and industrial solar developer and licensed installer with deep Appalachian roots and enduring pride in our region’s dynamic energy tradition.

Drawing upon our industry experience installing solar throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia, we structure creative paths to solar development and ownership for residential, municipal, commercial, and industrial customers.

Revolt believes that Appalachia doesn’t have to miss out on growth within the renewable energy sector while our region waits for policy to catch up with technology. Through our industry expertise, we enable our customers to take full advantage of the incentives and support available at both the state and federal levels.

Whether you are a home owner interested in powering your home with solar, an investor looking to support a renewable energy project, a business in search of solar for your commercial or industrial facility, or a landowner seeking a reliable and income-generating use for your land, Revolt has the experience, versatility, and know-how to develop a strategy to meet your goals.

Are you ready to join the next phase of Central Appalachia’s energy tradition? Get in touch with Revolt today.