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West Virginia solar experts, Revolt Energy specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial solar development projects. We’re a licensed installer with deep Appalachian roots and enduring pride in our region’s dynamic energy tradition.

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Thousands of Appalachian families are saving money by switching to solar.  Revolt Energy can help you unlock Tax Benefits and Energy Independence by going solar in WV, KY, and OH.

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WV Energy Prices have risen 250% in the past 20 years, with rates hikes . Solar costs have dropped by 40% in the same period.  Find out how much you can save by locking in your energy rates by going solar.

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Companies throughout Appalachia are taking advantage of grants and tax incentives to switch to solar. Going solar can affect your bottom line, and provide your company stable energy rates for years to come.

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Revolt Energy specializes in residential, commercial, and industrial solar development projects. Our team of designers, master electricians, and installers will design, build, and install custom solar solutions for your home or business.

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Revolt Energy offers competitive financing options for qualified home owners and businesses who switch to solar. Get a low fixed monthly payment that will cover a portion or all of your energy usage. Most customers see instant savings on their monthly utility bills.

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Eastern KY Companies Will See Benefits To Going Solar

Eastern KY Companies Will See Benefits To Going Solar

In an era where businesses are increasingly conscious of their bottom line and environmental impact, owners are asking about the financial benefits of commercial solar.  Switching to commercial solar power stands out as a strategic investment for a variety of reasons;...

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