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Residential Solar Panels In West Virginia, OH & KY

Welcome to Revolt Energy, a premier West Virginia residential solar panel installation company. We specialize in delivering tailored renewable energy solutions to meet the unique needs of West Virginia homeowners. Our main goal is to help homeowners save on their monthly energy expenses while contributing to a sustainable planet. If you are currently paying an electricity bill, Revolt Energy can save you thousands of dollars on your residential solar panels by locking in your monthly costs and avoiding rate increases by local utilities.

A home in West Virginia with residential solar panels

Backed By SolarInsure's 30 Year Warranty

Not all solar panel warranties are created equal. Revolt Energy has partnered with SolarInsure to provide our commercial solar customers with 30 years of parts, labor, and roof penetration coverage - all with $0 in Ownership Transfer fees!

Roof Penetrations
Ownership Transfer
Solar Panel
10-25 Years
0$ for 0 Years
0 Years
No Transfer Fees

30 Year Warranty for Panels, Inverters, Optimizers, and Racking
$100/hr and $300 in Truck Rolls for 30 Years
30 Years
No Transfer Fees
10-25 Years
$0-25/hr for 0-5 Years
0 Years
Up To $399

Expedient Payouts

Warranties are typically paid and processed within 7-10 days

Zero Deductible

System owners PAY NOTHING!  Even if the maufacturer defaults.

Trusted Installers

Backed by an approved network of installers and contractors.

So You’re Thinking About Residential Solar Panels In West Virginia?

We know you have questions; We have answers!

Is Solar For Me?

Residential solar panel installation is a good option for many but not all homeowners in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio.  Our team will perform an audit of your current energy needs, and your home’s ability to generate enough power to meet those requirements.  Click the button below to provide us some details to begin the process, and schedule your free consultation.

How Can Solar Save Me $$$?

When you finance solar you get a low fixed monthly payment that will cover a portion or, in many cases, all of your energy usage. This payment is often lower than what you are currently paying for power creating instant savings on your monthly bills.  By locking in your monthly payments today, you avoid the constantly raising rates of your current utility.

How Much Does Solar Cost?

While the “sticker price” for solar can sometimes be overwhelming, it varies widely on an individual basis. Often, we can design a system that you can finance for no more or even less money than what you are currently paying for electricity. This means no up-front cost and no more rate increases for the electric company.

Do You Offer Financing?

At Revolt Energy, we believe that transitioning to solar power should be accessible and cost-effective for everyone. That’s why we provide flexible financing alternatives, such as leasing and power purchase agreements, to make solar installation attainable for homeowners across the board.

Is There On-Going Maintenance?

Beyond our residential solar panel installation services, we extend ongoing maintenance and monitoring to ensure your solar panels operate at peak efficiency. Our team is readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have throughout your solar journey.

How Long Will The System Last?

At Revolt Energy we include a 30yr peace of mind warranty through Solar Insure that will guarantee your system will keep going for 30yrs. This is available on most of our systems. The warranty covers your panels inverter and roof penetrations, giving the solar owner assurance of the savings to come!

Take Advantage of Tax Incentives To Go Solar In WV, KY, or OH.

As the cost of WV Solar Panel Installation continues to decline, the return on investment for these systems in the Mountain State is now six times faster compared to just a year ago. This remarkable progress is not only worth celebrating, but worth capitalizing on. If you’re interested in joining the solar revolution, contact Revolt Energy to explore the financial details and benefits!

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