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Solar is more affordable than ever before. We design and deliver turnkey solar systems for homeowners in West Virginia and throughout the region for a price that won’t set you back any more than you already pay for your current electric bill, with zero up-front cost, and the energy you use in your home will still be delivered in the same way.

We offer in-house financing with low-interest rates. We have helped hundreds of homeowners take ownership of their own power.

When it’s bright and sunny out, the extra power generated from your system is sent to the utility’s grid. When it’s dark out or you are using more energy than you are making, you can use the energy you’ve stored in sunnier times to offset that consumption through an optional battery system. It is not necessary to have battery backup with this system, because the utility grid will provide power when the solar system is not generating power. Through net metering these credits are 1:1, each one produced is equal to each one used. You use the power you need when you need it and only pay for the amount you didn’t produce with your panels. We love showing people how solar energy can change their lives and save them through lower utility bills.

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