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Solar Power For  Business

West Virginia solar developer, Revolt Energy has been helping commercial business owners save money with solar power projects for years. But with the recent passage of Power Purchase Agreement legislation, we can now make the numbers work even better and provide solar power for business, churches, schools, universities, municipalities, wastewater treatment facilities, hospitals, and industrial size consumers of energy.

Solar For Business by Revolt Energy

Backed By SolarInsure's 30 Year Warranty

Not all solar panel warranties are created equal. Revolt Energy has partnered with SolarInsure to provide our commercial solar customers with 30 years of parts, labor, and roof penetration coverage - all with $0 in Ownership Transfer fees!

Roof Penetrations
Ownership Transfer
Solar Panel
10-25 Years
0$ for 0 Years
0 Years
No Transfer Fees

30 Year Warranty for Panels, Inverters, Optimizers, and Racking
$100/hr and $300 in Truck Rolls for 30 Years
30 Years
No Transfer Fees
10-25 Years
$0-25/hr for 0-5 Years
0 Years
Up To $399

Expedient Payouts

Warranties are typically paid and processed within 7-10 days

Zero Deductible

System owners PAY NOTHING!  Even if the maufacturer defaults.

Trusted Installers

Backed by an approved network of installers and contractors.

If You Have A Power Bill, We Can Save Your Business Money

Revolt Energy Has Completed:

Commercial Projects

All Systems Have A:

Year Guarantee

Most Systems Are Paid Off In:


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Does My Company Qualify For Grants Or Loans?

Many businesses in WV, KY, and OH do qualify for REAP grants and guaranteed loans. The Inflation Reduction Act also offers many tax incentives to businesses that qualify.

Will Solar Work For My Company?

The Solar Experts at Revolt Energy have helped businesses in WV & KY determine which tax incentives and grant opportunities are right for them.  Contact a member of our team today to find out how much your company can save by switching to solar for business.

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