Frequently Asked Questions

Will solar work for my home?

Solar is a good option for many but not all homes in our area!  If you the sun hits your roof for a good portion of the day than more than likely you would be a good candidate for solar; however, if you are surrounded by trees and your home stays shaded most of the day a ground mount might be a better option or possibly trimming some trees.  Whatever the situation the experts at Revolt Energy will help guide you and make sure you get the best option for you!

What is net metering?

Net metering is a program set up with the power company to allow you to measure the power flowing into the home from their lines as well as the power being sent from the home to them.  Net metering laws can vary from state to state, but in WV you get a full credit on your bill for any power sent back out to the power company and are only billed for the difference in what you pull from them and what you send out.

How do I know how much solar I need?

Revolt Energy uses your previous power bill and gets the usage for the last 12 months (information provided on bill).  Then after putting this information into our computer software, we can place panels digitally on your home to estimate how much annual power they will produce.  The software takes into account many factors including the location and orientation of the panels as well as 25 years of weather data to give us an accurate estimate of the power your individual system will produce. 

Is solar good for a business?

Solar is a great option for businesses!  It can reduce operating costs, creating a larger cash flow.  Businesses are eligible for even more tax benefits than a residential system and are sometimes eligible for grants.

Does my business qualify for the REAP grant?

Many businesses in our area do qualify for the REAP grant.  Here is the link to the site to find out more!

 How much does solar cost?

While the “sticker price” for solar can sometimes be overwhelming, it varies widely on an individual basis.  Often, we can design a system that you can finance for no more or even less money than what you are currently paying for electricity.  This means no up-front cost and no more rate increases for the electric company.

How does solar save me money?

When you finance solar you get a low fixed monthly payment that will cover a portion or all of your energy usage.  This payment is often lower than what you are currently paying for power creating instant savings on your monthly bills.  Even if the payment is not lower or a little higher there are still long-term savings to be had, because unlike the utility your payment for power does not go up!  Speaking from personal experience when I went solar about 4 years ago, I was saving an average of $10 a month, fast forward to today and I’m saving over $50 a month because the utility has gone up that much!

How does solar work?

Once solar is installed on your home, the sun will “excite” the electrons in your solar panels and send dc power to your inverter.  The inverter will convert the power to AC (usable power in your home).  The “solar power” will be used to power your home, and any extra power that is being produced will be sent back out to the power company.  Through the net metering program, you will receive credits for the power you send back out that can be utilized when your home is consuming more power than what your solar is producing.

Does solar work at night?

NO, there is not enough energy from the moon to make your solar produce at night.  This is where the net metering program comes into play.

Does solar work on cloudy days?

Yes, your solar will produce power on cloudy days and even when covered by some amounts of snow.  The production will be less than that of a bright sunny day, but it will still produce.  This is where the 25yrs of weather data comes into play in our computer software, we know that there is an average amount of days in the year that are just not as good for solar, and that is factored into your annual production to provide you with accurate estimates of what you can expect out of your system. 

Do I qualify for tax credits?

Not everyone qualifies for the tax credits, as it is a credit not a rebate (unless you are church, nonprofit, municipality, and a few others).  This means if you are a W2 paid employee you can likely claim the tax credits, the credits will be taken away from your tax liability resulting in a refund at tax time.  If you are unsure if you qualify you can reach out to us, and we can go over the process.

If you are a for-profit business, you should qualify for tax incentives as well as being able to claim depreciation of the asset!  Non-profits, churches, municipalities, and some others could be eligible for a direct pay option of the incentives.

How long does solar last?

A small solar system built in 1979 is still working today!  At Revolt Energy we include a 30yr peace of mind warranty through Solar Insure that will guarantee your system will keep going for 30yrs.  This is available on most of our systems.  The warranty covers your panels inverter and roof penetrations, giving the solar owner assurance of the savings to come!

Do I have power when the grid goes down?

Revolt Energy offers a wide range of options from grid tied, to hybrid, and off grid.  The most common systems are strictly grid tied, meaning they do not have batteries and therefore do not offer power during an outage.  These systems are the most affordable and offer the most return on investment/savings over the life of the system.  If you live in an area that is not prone to prolonged outages this is definitely your best option; however, if you do have the need for backup power during an outage, we can evaluate your needs and design the best system for you and your budget!

Is solar free?

No, solar is not free.  It can be a money saving reallocation of the money you are already spending on power.  Often we can start saving you money as soon as your system is operational!


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