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How Much Can I Save By Switching To Solar?

Cost Savings Calculator

Estimate Potential Savings By Switching To Solar With Revolt Energy.

The WV Solar Experts at Revolt Energy can design a system that you can finance for no more or even less money than what you are currently paying for electricity. This means most customers pay no up-front cost, and lock in their monthly bill for energy – avoiding annual rate increases by their current electric company.

Solar is paid off = NO MORE BILL!
Utility increase average of 3% per year

Explore the full potential of your lifetime savings with our free solar assessment! This magical calculator won't be as accurate as our full assessment, but it will the potential savings that homeowners across the Mountain State are experiencing vs. the constantly rising rates of those who stick with their current utility provider. If you like saving money, contact the solar experts at Revolt-Energy to join the solar revolution TODAY!

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